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Instructions for remote support: Windows Quick Assist


Description of the order and licencing process from MINEA v4.6

The order and licensing process can be found in the flow chart. Further information can be found in the Shop system.

The import of the licence file does not work (up to MINEA v4.5).

Check whether you have administrator rights. If you still have problems with the licence installation, please carry out the following steps manually:

1) Rename your licence file "companyname.minealic" to "minea.minealic".
2) Copy the new file into the installation folder of MINEA (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\MINEA) and replace the old "minea.minealic" there.
3) Restart MINEA.

Buttons disappear or move into each other.

Reset all settings in your Windows operating system that have a direct or indirect influence on the font size of the buttons to the default values. These are essentially the settings for the readability of the screen (default = 100%) and the text size of the operating system (default = 96 dpi).

I want to continue working in the programme, but at the same time I want to perform a longer calculation?

Simply start the MINEA programme again in parallel.

The 3D-visualisation or the visualisation of the eigenmodes of the structure do not work.

Please check whether the XNA framework was also completely installed with the installation of MINEA. When operating a virtual computer, the display only works from VMware 6.5 (Windows) and VMware fusion 2.0 (MAC).