Program description

With the MINEA software, you as a structural engineer can quickly and effectively carry out the structural verifications of masonry structures and mixed construction with reinforced concrete under vertical and horizontal loads from earthquakes and wind. Thanks to an integrated database structure, all masonry materials and approved products by the building authorities as well as concrete materials can be used in the calculation. The calculation is carried out, depending on the requirements of the regrded buidling, using a two- or three-dimensional modelling.

After a graphically interactively supported input of the actions and the ground plan, the verifications are automatically carried out and a report in form of a verifiable structural analysis is generated. During the development of the programme, special emphasis was placed on intuitive operation, simple input and transparency in the verification process. The programme makes it possible to carry out all the necessary structural verifications for the design situations considering earthquake actions, dead weight, live loads and wind loads, with a minimum of effort. The modular structure of the report output allows it to be easily adapted to the respective requirements.