New approval database MeinZiegelhaus (07/2024)

A new approval database for MeinZiegelhaus products is now available below the download area. A complete list of the products included can be found below the approval databases.

New features in MINEA Linear from 10/2023

Completely redesigned 3D module with new 64-bit based kernel

The new 3D calculation module is based on a brand new powerful 64-bit based kernel, which enables significantly faster calculation and modeling of larger 3D models. As part of the introduction of the new kernel, the limit of 100 walls/columns has been removed for three-dimensional modeling. In addition, the coupling mechanisms have been completely revised. These can now be defined separately for masonry and reinforced concrete walls to allow for different types of connections. In addition, a new column type has been introduced for modeling rigidly connected columns.

Extended visualisation of internal forces

The previous graphical representation of the wall internal forces was extended by the possibility to display the column internal forces. For the wall integration objects, the possibility of visualizing the different distributions on the 3D model was also created.

Verification according to DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA Annex K in the 3D module

In addition to the 2D module, the verification according to DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA Annex K has now also been implemented within the 3D module. Thus, taking into account the framing effects in the verification is also possible with three-dimensional modeling.

New features in MINEA Linear from 03/2023

Automatic selection of the subsoil class according to DIN EN 1998-1/NA/A1

The subsoil classes of the German earthquake zones have been published digitally in DIN EN 1998-1/NA/A1:2023-02. These are now automatically determined for the current location based on the data from DIN EN 1998-1/NA/A1 when selecting the spectral acceleration via the site search in MINEA Linear.

New features in MINEA Linear from 10/2022

New data interface BIM – SAF

The newly implemented data interface BIM-SAF (Structural Analysis Format) is a data format based on MS-Excel© for the smooth exchange of calculation models. With the BIM-SAF data interface, models can be efficiently imported from common BIM and calculation software for the structural verification in MINEA. MINEA is an ideal supplement to your design software and the input effort is reduced to a minimum.


Seismic actions according to DIN EN 1998-1/NA-2021

The earthquake hazard maps according to DIN EN 1998-1/NA-2021 have been integrated and the earthquake data for the building location can be determined interactively by entering the address data with OpenStreetMap©.

Wind loads according to DIN EN 1991-1-4/NA-2010

  • The input of wind loads according to DIN EN 1991-1-4/NA-2010 is now supported by an interactive wind load database. The wind loads on common building shapes can be determined automatically.
  • Consideration of inclinations and verification of effects according to second order structural theory

Linear verification modules according to DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA-2019

The extensive mathematical verification options for the current wind and earthquake effects are now available in the following verification modules.

  • Computational verification with two-dimensional calculation models with automatic consideration of framing effects according to DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA-2019, Annex K
  • Computational verification with three-dimensional calculation models.

Simplified structural verification according to DIN EN 1998-1/NA-2021

Simplified verification according to the design rules based on the new regulations for required shear wall areas.

Reinforced concrete design for slabs according to DIN EN 1992-1-1

The slab design for the additional loads due to framing effects in 2D calculation models has been supplemented. For the additional bending and shear loads, the required reinforcement required is now checked with output in the automatically generated verifiable structural analysis.

New approval databases

With the new approval databases for DIN EN 1996, the latest products of the masonry industry are available. Please use the download offers of the approval databases on the MINEA homepage.

Application of higher behaviour factors according to DIN EN 1998-1/NA-2021

In the linear earthquake verification, the higher behaviour factors q according to DIN EN 1998-1/NA-2021 can now be applied. This results in significantly improved verification possibilities.