Licensing of the software MINEA

Are you interested in licensing the MINEA software and would like to get more information about the licensing model? Licensing is a usage agreement between the end user and SDA-solutions as the developer of the software. The new licensing model for MINEA starting with version v4.6 allows you to use the MINEA software easily and flexibly, regardless of whether you are a single user, several users in an open-plan office or distributed with the integration of home office working places.

After you have placed your order, you will receive the invoice for your order by e-mail. In addition, you can view your orders within the self-service of the SDA-solutions Shop. There you have the option of downloading the invoices associated with the orders again. In addition, you will find information on whether a particular licence is activated and on which device. The possibility of activation and deactivation enables flexible use on different computers in your working environment. Information on the ordering and licensing process is provided in the flow chart.