Approval databases

The masonry products listed below with general building authority approval by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in Berlin for the DIN EN 1996 standard can be installed in MINEA Linear and MINEA Nonlinear from version v4.0. After installation, these products are available to the structural engineer with the complete material data. The approval databases are free of charge and can be downloaded from the download area.

Eder: Clay bricks
Z-17.1-843, Z-17.1-559, Z-17.1-779, Z-17.1-522, Z-17.1-1175

MeinZiegelhaus: Clay bricks
Z-17.1-715, Z-17.1-860, Z-17.1-869, Z-17.1-911, Z-17.1-913, Z-17.1-945, Z-17.1-946, Z-17.1-993, Z-17.1-1013, Z-17.1-1025, Z-17.1-1037, Z-17.1-1046, Z-17.1-1067, Z-17.1-1084, Z-17.1-1086, Z-17.1-1087, Z-17.1-1107, Z-17.1-1140, Z-17.1-1147, Z-17.1-1164, Z-17.1-1186, Z-17.1-1189, Z-17.11-1261, Z-17.21-1202, Z-17.21-1239, Z-17.21-1244

Schlagmann: Clay bricks
Z-17.1-537, Z-17.1-625, Z-17.1-674, Z-17.1-868, Z-17.1-877, Z-17.1-889, Z-17.1-890, Z-17.1-872, Z-17.1-1017, Z-17.1-1035, Z-17.1-1057, Z-17.1-1060, Z-17.1-1100, Z-17.1-1104, Z-17.1-1120, Z-17.1-1153

THERMOPOR: Clay bricks
Z-17.1-1005, Z-17.1- 1006, Z-17.1-1149, Z-17.1-840, Z-17.1-977

UNIPOR: Clay bricks
Z-17.1-1171, Z-17.1-1056, Z-17.1-935, Z-17.1-1162, Z-17.1-1018, Z-17.1-1114, Z-17.21-1262, Z-17.1-1191, Z-17.1-1018, Z-17.21-1253, Z-17.21-1237, Z-17.1-1021, Z-17.11-1236, Z-17.11-1235, Z-17.1-635, Z-17.11-1258, Z-17.11-1264, Z-17.11-1265, Z-17.1-688, Z-17.1-1042

Wienerberger: Clay bricks
Z-17.1-1103, Z-17.1-982, Z-17.1-674, Z-17.1-1120, Z-17.1-1144, Z-17.1-1017, Z-17.1-1060, Z-17.1-1041, Z-17.1-1104, Z-17.1-1145, Z-17.1-1101, Z-17.1-1085, Z-17.1-890, Z-17.1-889, Z-17.1-877, Z-17.1-651, Z-17.1-490, Z-17.1-678, Z-17.1-868, Z-17.1-1108, Z-17.1-1141, Z-17.1-537

Bundesverband Leichtbeton: Leightweight concrete bricks
Z-17.1-778, Z-17.1-844, Z-17.1-845

XELLA: Aerated concrete blocks