MINEA Linear

Verification modules

MINEA Linear contains a total of five verification modules for the execution of computational structural verifications of masonry structures according to different code generations on the basis of 2D or 3D calculation models:

  • DIN 1053-1 - DIN 4149 - DIN 1055 - DIN 1045 (2D)
  • DIN 1053-100 + DIN 4149 DIN 1055 - DIN 1045 (2D + 3D)
  • DIN EN 1996 + DIN EN 1998 + DIN EN 1990 + 1991 - DIN EN 1992 (2D + 3D)

In addition, MINEA Linear includes two verification modules for performing the seismic verification with simplified structural rules:

  • DIN 4149 – Seismic verification with simplified structural rules
  • DIN EN 1998 – Seismic verification with simplified structural rules

The structural engineer can select the desired verification module in MINEA Linear and switch between the individual modules, whereby the input data is adopted automatically as far as possible. In this way, the module with the least effort for the structural engineer can always be selected for the respective task. The computational verifications for actions from dead weight, traffic, wind, snow, inclination and earthquake comprise in detail:

  • Wall and bracing system verifications for the relevant design combinations
  • Verification of reinforced concrete slabs in case of framing effects and in 3D models
  • Output of the design internal forces for columns and walls made of reinforced concrete